General Info

Every costume is made for the special occasion the customer wants: fabrics, trims and other details are specially chosen to create a piece to be proud of, and that will highly please everyone. Even if it is a high-fashion costume, a formal dress or even if it’s day-to-day basic, it will be a 100% craft work and in most of the cases an unique piece in the world.

For entire outfits, gowns, historical costumes, etc. personal measuring and fittings are highly recommended to ensure the correct fit of your new outfit. Smaller items like skirts, tops, bolero jackets, etc. can be ordered by email or in person and will be made to your measurements.

Please note that custom-made creations can take a lot of time, since every single garment will be especially created as a special one, according to your desired material (which usually requires ordering), size (which requires measuring and patternmaking) and requested details (devil is in the details).
If you need your order to be ready for a fixed date or special occasion, please make sure to get in touch as soon as possible to allow enough time for discussing your ideas, searching materials and time for fittings.